3.30pm-4.15pm Thursdays

25-Apr 2-May 9-May 16-May 23-May 6-Jun 13-Jun 20-Jun 27-Jun 4-Jul 2024

Y1 & Y2 £150 per term (+ £14 workbook fee)

After School Music Club at Davenies
Y1 & Y2 Summer Term 2024

Teaching pupils in Years 1 & 2 to read, write, transcribe, compose music and develop vital aural and sight-reading/singing skills, using the acclaimed series of Chelsea Quavers Music Puzzles for Children.

£150 per term + £14 workbook fee. We accept childcare vouchers.

“We much look forward to working with Y1 & Y2 in support of Davenies’ Music Department”, Claire Meyer, Principal Chelsea Quavers

“Pupils love the Chelsea Quavers Music Puzzles, & make fast progress using the step-by-step approach to reading &writing music!”

What will your child learn at Club?

Pupils are taught to read, write, perform rhythms, sight-sing, compose and transcribe music (writing down a rhythm or melody on manuscript that is performed to them), as well as develop vital aural skills. Your child will progress his own pace, following the acclaimed series of Chelsea Quavers Music Puzzles – see below for a quick video!

For those children studying an instrument, what they learn at Club will not only support and underpin what they are currently learning with their instrumental teacher, but will enhance their understanding and enjoyment of performance, and music as a whole.

For children who are not studying an instrument, this is a great opportunity for them to put their foot in the water and start to explore the extraordinary, wonderful world of music. Often, this leads to pupils wishing to take up an instrument and/or develop an interest in composition.

Did you know that any ABRSM exam (from Grade 1 upwards) attracts Ofqual accreditation, and latterly UCAS points? What your son will learn at Club will pave the way for him to sit Grades 1 and 2 Theory. For more information on accreditation, click here.

Your child’s progress

We keep a record of your child’s progress on a weekly basis, and parents may ask for a progress report at any stage during the term.

Fees Summer Term 2024

£150 per term plus £14 workbook fee. Ofsted registered. We accept Childcare Vouchers.